Fame! or Faith?

YOUTH SERVICE – Saturday 30 September 19:30

What is it with fame? A lot of teens dream of being famous as an influencer, singer or actor. The glitter and glamour around looks appealing. It is lots of fun to have so many friends and live the life! Or your dreams aren't that big. But you still fancy feeling important to others. 

It is great to have dreams but a closer look can be refreshing and actually encouraging!

In the Bible we find such people who struggled with a public image. Threatening mobs and pressure from people around you to give in to their demands of which you know they are not good. If you don't meet their desires, you will lose your followers. How can we manage this pressure? That is the question.

Yet, God has a great message for you: you are unique and meant for a purpose in this life. He likes you to have a meaningful life that matters to you and people around you! Our pastor will deliver a message on this service so you can find out what God has in mind for you!

Feel free to come and hear, it's free of charge. Don't forget to take your friends along :)

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